MTSS at Augusta Middle School

by Megan Vittitow, AMS Media Specialist and AMS MTSS/Leadership Committee Co-chair

“Do you know of any good books?”  This question is typical of the middle school students that come into my library.
My answer is always the same, “Sure!  Let’s find something great!”
One of my many jobs as the AMS Library Media Specialist allows me to help all students find books that fit their wants and needs.
Just as each student enjoys different types of books, each child also has a unique reading ability.
MTSS, or Multi-Tiered System of Support, helps all students with their unique academic abilities.
Our MTSS focus at Augusta Middle School is currently on reading. Three times a year students are given a quick three-minute reading assessment. The AMS Leadership Team reviews the data and determines the best academic path for each student to follow.
Those students who excel in reading participate in enrichment activities to continue to push them to their full potential.
Students who struggle a little more with reading are challenged to continue to work on specific areas that need to be strengthened in order to become more fluent readers.
During Core Extension class at AMS, which is held during fifth period, all students receive challenging instruction regardless of their reading ability.
Over the past five years, the AMS staff has continued to work to find the best academic fit for all students during our Core Extension hour.
Each year the AMS staff receives training in reading, data collection or the overall MTSS process.  We then tweak our approach just a little more to help as many students as possible. As students’ needs change, so does our approach to working with them.
Just as I try to “find something great” for all of the students who walk into my library, our approach to MTSS at Augusta Middle School is to teach them something great and continue to challenge all students no matter their academic ability.
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