Board of Education

Budget at a Glance
16-17 Budget-at-a-Glance (The USD 402 16-17 (Budget-at-a-Glance document extracted from the annual district budget document)
16-17 Budget Form 151 (2016-17 USD 402 Budget Form 151:  Estimated Legal Maximum General Fund Budget)
16-17 One-Page Budget Summary (16-17 USD 402 Summary of Expenditures)
16-17 USD 402 Profile Information (16-17 USD 402 District Profile Information (Part of the budget document)
16-17 Uncumbered cash balances as published in the budget
KSDE School Finance Link (Kansas State Department of Education link to School Finance & Budget Information)

2014-2015 District Goals
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Goal 1:  Set expectations for student achievement in math and take steps to ensure student success.
Goal 2:  District technology supports classroom instruction throughout the entire school year.
Goal 3:  To provide high levels of quality instruction through long-range fiscal planning supported with data.
Goal 4:  Determine what is an appropriate regionally competitive administrators' salary and benefits.


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Bill Rinkenbaugh,  President, 316.775.3506 - At-Large, Seat 7
Bob McCalla, Vice President, 316.775.3434 - At-Large, Seat 4


Doug Berryman, 316-258-3643 - At-Large, Seat 5
Vacant - At-Large, Seat 3
Jim Brown, President, 316.775.3197 - At-Large, Seat I
Carey Lee, 316.775-0927 - At-Large, Seat 2
Larry Winter, 316-775-5039 -  At-Large, Seat 6 


Connie Hummel, Clerk of the Board
Becky Williamson, Treasurer of the Board