Photo Name Position Contact
Matthew Ward Principal Contact
Rick Rivera Assistant Principal Contact
Photo Name Position Plan Times Contact
Sanna Alfers Special Education Contact
Mia Andrews 6th Grade Math Teacher Contact
Tiffany Arnold 7th Grade Social Studies A Days: 10:38-11:25
B Days: 10:38-11:25
Alisha Bodyk Counselor Contact
Sarah Brittingham 7th Grade English Contact
Stephanie Brown English/Language Arts Teacher - 8th grade Contact
Leann Buethner 6th Grade Language Arts Contact
Alecia Burrows Administrative Assistant Contact
Carol Camac 7th grade English Language Arts Contact
Larry Capron Custodian Contact
Jessica Carey 6th Grade Science Contact
Connie Chance world language teacher-French and Spanish Contact
Sally Chittwood Special Education Teacher Contact
Tammy Cox 8th Grade English/Language Arts A Days: 9:50-10:30
B Days: 9:50-10:30
Katherine Cox District ESOL Para-Educator Contact
Janet Davis ParaEducator Contact
Ann Eck Special Education Contact
Michelle Emmitt Administrative Assistant Contact
Matt Fox 6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Contact
Gus Garcia 6th-8th Computer Teacher Contact
Kira Gresham 7th grade math and math assist Contact
Jeffery Hendren 8th Synergistis LabScience Contact
Leslie Henline, R.N. School Nurse Contact
Diana Herrman ParaEducator Contact
Melanie Jackson Nurse Contact
Clayton Kaus AHS Assistant Band, AMS 6th Vocal & 7/8 Young Mens Choir A Days: 12:40-1:12pm
B Days: 12:40-1:12pm
Doug Law Director of Athletics Contact
Leslie Lewellen USD 402 Gifted Facilitator A Days: 7:40AM-8:40AM : Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
B Days: 10:20 AM-11:00 AM: Friday & Monday
Danny Lundberg Boys' Physical Education Contact
Lori MacAdam Counselor Contact
Rhonda Malone Speech-Language Pathologist Contact
Brandi Manahan Middle School Band and Choir Contact
Bridgett McMichael 6th Grade Social Studies Contact
Nancy Nordman 6-8 Physical Education/Health,AMS 7A Volleyball Coach, AHS assistant bowling coach, Contact
Deb O'Brien 8th Grade American History A Days: Team Plan: 8:54 - 9:42
B Days: Personal Plan: 10:38 - 11:26
Alicia Odom Special Education Teacher Contact
Marsha Owen Secretary in Special Ed Office (490 ParaEducator) Contact
Charles Park 8th Grade Math Contact
Ben Parrish 7th Grade Math A Days: Team Plan 8:05-8:45
B Days: Personal Plan 10:38-11:26
Kayla Richmond 6th Grade Science A Days: 6th Hour: 1:20-2:08pm
B Days: 6th Hour: 1:20-2:08pm
Toby Ruder 7th Grade Social Studies Contact
Angie Rush 7th grade Science Contact
Vickie Sears Administrative Assistant Contact
Tyler Shelley 6th Grade English/NJHS Sponsor Contact
Johnna Smith Art Educator Contact
Mary Smith 8th Grade American History and AMS Yearbook Contact
Cathleen Stahmer ParaEducator Contact
AMS Science Steve Stoffregen 8th Grade Science & Technology A Days: 7th Hour
B Days: 7th Hour
Nathaniel Straub 7th Grade Science A Days: 7th Hour
B Days: 7th Hour
Tracie Tennyson Head Custodian Contact
Candy Thompson 6th Grade Para Educator Contact
Brooke Train 6th Grade Math/ Video Production A Days: 1:20-2:08
B Days: 1:20-2:08
Jamie VanDever 8th grade English Language Arts Contact
Kristi Visor 8th grade Math and Algebra I A Days:
B Days:
Megan Vittitow Library Media Specialist Contact
Barbara Ward Special Education Contact
Julie Watkins School Psychologist Contact
Jane Whitson Middle School Contact
Tom Zerr 6th grade computers and 7th/8th grade S.T.E.M. Contact