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Wheelchair Van Bid

Posted Date: 11/17/2021

Wheelchair Van Bid

To: Interested Bidders 
From: Nathan Powers Transportation Director 
Date: 11/16/21 
Re: School Vehicle Bid 

The Augusta USD 402 school is requesting bids on a wheelchair accessible minivan with 60,000 miles or less. Each bid will be reviewed for age and mileage to determine the best purchase option. The vehicle must meet or exceed all Federal and State of Kansas specifications and regulations, whether listed or not. The vehicles must be able to pass the Kansas Highway Patrol school vehicle safety inspection. Exceptions to bid specifications must be noted. Bids are to be sealed bids with "sealed vehicle bid" prominently displayed on the envelope. Address bids to: 

Augusta USD 402 
Melanie Budda School Board Clerk 
2345 Greyhound drive 
Augusta, Ks. 67010 

Bids are due by 1:00 pm on 11/30/2021. Direct any questions to Nathan Powers, transportation director at 316-775-1171. Augusta USD 402 reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Nathan Powers 
Transportation Director 
Augusta USD 402 


More bid information is availble by following this link.