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Board Policies


Board Policies

GAA: Goals and Objectives

GAAA: Equal Employment Opportunities and Nondiscrimination

GAAB: Complaints of Discrimination

GAAC: Sexual Harassment

GAACA: Racial and Disability Harassment Employees

GAAD: Child Abuse

GAAE: Bullying by Adults

GAAF: Emergency Safety Interventions

GAC: Policies and Rules Development Involvement

GACA: Positions

GACA-R: Positions

GACB: Job Description

GACC: Recruitment and Hiring

GACCA: Nepotism

GACD: Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)

GACD-R: Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9)

GAD: Employee Development Opportunities

GADA: In-Service Education

GADA-R: In-Service Education

GAD-R: Employee Development Opportunities

GAE: Complaints

GAEA: Complaints of Discrimination

GAE-R: Grievances

GAF: Staff-Student Relations

GAFA: Job Sharing

GAG: Conflict of Interest

GAGA: Nepotism

GAGA-R: Nepotism

GAG-R: Conflict of Interest

GAH: Staff-Community Relations

GAHB: Political Activities

GAH-R: Staff-Community Relations

GAI: Solicitations

GAJ: Gifts

GAJ-R: Gifts

GAK: Personnel Records

GAL-R: Salary Deductions

GAM: Personal Appearance

GAN: Travel Expenses

GANA: Expense Reimbursement and Credit Cards

GAO: Staff Responsibilities for Discipline

GAOA: Drug Free Workplace

GAOA-R: Drug Free Workplace

GAOB: Drug Free Schools

GAOB-R: Drug Free Schools

GAOC: Tobacco-Free School Grounds for Staff

GAOCA: Employee Use of Cell Phones

GAOCA-R: District Cellular Phone Procedures

GAOD: Drug and Alcohol Testing

GAOE: Workers Compensation

GAOF: Salary Deductions

GAQ: Retirement

GAR: Communicable Diseases

GARA: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan

GARI: Family Medical Leave

GARID: Military Leave

GAR-R: Communicable Diseases

GBA: Compensation Guides and Contracts

GBA-R: Compensation Guides and Contracts

GBBA: Qualifications and Duties

GBC: Recruitment

GBCA: Monthly Pay for Employees Working Less Than 12 Months

GBD: Hiring

GBD-R: Hiring

GBE: Assignment and Transfer

GBG: Probation

GBG-R: Probation

GBH: Supervision

GBHA: Curriculum Modification

GBI: Evaluating

GBK: Suspension

GBK-R: Suspension

GBN: Separation

GBN-R: Separation

GBO: Resignation

GBQA: Reduction of Teaching Staff

GBR: Working Condition

GBRC: Professional Development

GBRD: Staff Meetings

GBRE: Additional Duty

GBRG: Non-School Employment

GBRGA: Consulting

GBRGA-R: Consulting

GBRGB: Tutoring for Pay

GGRGB-R: Tutoring for Pay

GBRI: Personal Leave and Absences

GBRIBA: Disability Leave

GBRIBA-R: Disability Leave

GBRID: Military Leave

GBRI-R: Personal Leave and Absences

GBRJ: Substitute Teaching

GBRJA: Long Term Substitute Pay

GBRJ-R: Substitute Teaching

GBR-R: Working Conditions

GBU: Ethics

GCA: Compensation Guides and Contracts

GCBA: Job Descriptions

GCC: Recruitment

GCDA: Teacher Aides and Paraprofessionals

GCE: Assignment and Transfer

GCH: Supervision

GCI: Classified Employee Evaluation

GCIA: Evaluation on Coaches and Sponsors

GCK: Suspension

GCO: Resignation

GCR: Work Schedules

GCRF: Non-School Employment

GCRG: Leave and Absences

GCRH: Vacations

GCRI: Paid Holidays

GCRJ: Classified Employee Payment for Unused Sick Leave Upon Retirement

GCRK: Sick Leave Bank (Certified KPERS and Administrative)

GCR-R: Work Schedules

IA: Philosophy

IB: School Site Councils

IC: Educational Program

ICA: Pilot Projects

ICAA: Teaching Methods

ID: Instructional Program

IDACA: Special Education Services

IDAD: Title I Programs

IDAD-R: Title I Programs

IDAE: Student Privacy Policy

IDCE: College Classes

IDCF: Dropout Prevention Program

IDCG: Student Suicide Awareness and Prevention

IDCG-R: Student Suicide Awareness and Prevention

IDDA: At-Risk Students

IDDA-R: At-Risk Students

IDE: Partnerships

IDE-R: Partnerships

IDFA: Athletics

IE: Instructional Arrangements

IEB: Charter Schools

IE-R: Instructional Arrangements

IF: Instructional Resources

IFBC: Instruction Materials and Media Centers

IFBC-R: Instruction Materials and Media Centers

IFBH: Resource Speakers

IFBH-R: Resource Speakers

IFC: Community Relations

IFCB: Field Trips

IFC-R: Community Resources

IF-R: Instructional Resources

IG: Guidance Program

IHA: Grading System

IHAA: Final Examination

IHB: Homework

IHC: Class Rankings

IHD: Honor Roll

IHEA: Make-up Opportunities

IHF: Graduation Requirements

II: Educational Testing Program

IIA: Course Test Out Opportunity

IIA-R: Course Test Out Opportunity

IIBG: Computer Use

IIBGA: Children's Internet Protection Act

IIBGC: Staff Online Activities

IJ: Evaluation of Instructional Program

IKA: Financial Literacy

IKB: Controversial Issues

IKB-R: Controversial Issues

IKC: Teaching About Religion

IKCA: Human Sexuality and AIDS Education

IKD: Religious Beliefs and Holidays

IKDA: Religious Objections to Activities

IKDA-R: Religious Objections to Activities

IKD-R: Religious Beliefs and Holidays

IKE: Assemblies

IKE-R: Assemblies

IKH: Substitute Teaching

IKH-R: Substitute Teaching

IKI: Lesson Plans

IKI-R: Lesson Plans

ING: Animals and Plants in the School

ING-R: Animals and Plants in the School

JA: Goals and Objectives

JAA: Equal Educational Opportunities

JB: Attendance

JBC: Enrollment

JBCA: Homeless Students

JBD: Absences and Excuses

JBE: Truancy

JBG: Readmissions

JBG-R: Readmissions

JBH: Release of a Student During the School Day

JBH-R: Release of a Student During the School Day

JB-R: Attendance

JCAA: Due Process

JCAB: Searches of Property

JCABB: Searches of Students

JCAC: Interrogation and Investigations

JCB: Policies and Rules Development Involvement

JCB-R: Policies and Rules Development Involvement

JCD: Conduct

JCDA: Student Conduct

JCDAA: Tobacco-Free School Grounds for Students

JCDA-R: Student Conduct

JCDB: Dress Code

JCDBB: Weapons

JCE: Complaints

JCEC: Demonstrations and Strikes

JCEC-R: Demonstrations and Strikes

JDA: Corporal Punishment

JDB: Detention

JDC: Probation

JDD: Suspension and Expulsion Procedures

JDDA: Drug Free Schools

JDDB: Reporting to Law Enforcement

JDDC: Bullying

JDDC-R: USD 402 Anti-Bullying Plan

JDD-R: The Kansas School Safety and Security Act

JE: Guidance Program

JE-R: Guidance Program

JF: Academic Achievement

JFAB: Student Conferences

JFAC: Parent Conferences

JFB: Promotion and Retention

JFB-R: Promotion and Retention

JFC: Graduation

JFC-R: Graduation

JG: Student Welfare

JGA: Student Insurance Program

JGA-R: Student Insurance Program

JGC: Health Assessments and Physicals

JGCA: Local Wellness Policy

JGCB: Inoculations

JGCBA: Automated External Defibrillator

JGCC: Communicable Diseases

JGCC-R: Communicable Diseases

JGC-R: Health Assessments and Physicals

JGD: Student Psychological Services

JGD-R: Student Psychological Services

JGEAA: Crisis Planning

JGEB: Child Abuse

JGEB-R: Child Abuse

JGEC: Sexual Harassment

JGECA: Racial and Disability Harassment

JGF: Student Safety

JGFA: Emergency Drills

JGFA-R: Emergency Drills

JGFB: Supervision of Students

JGFB-R: Supervision of Students

JGFC: Dismissal Precautions

JGFC-R: Dismissal Precautions

JGFF: Student Transportation Regulations

JGFF-R: Student Transportation Regulations

JGFG: Student Accidents and Health Emergencies

JGFGA: First Aid

JGFGA-R: First Aid

JGFGB: Supervision of Medications

JGFGBA: Student Self-Administration of Medications

JGFG-R: Student Accidents

JGF-R: Student Safety

JGG: Transportation

JGGA: Use of Video Cameras

JGGA-R: Use of Video Cameras

JGG-R: Transportation

JGH: School Food Service Programs

JGHA: Free or Reduced Price Meals

JGHA-R: Free or Reduced Price Meals

JGHB: Vending Machines and Other Automated Play Machines

JG-R: Student Welfare

JH: Student Activities

JHC: Student Organizations

JH-R: Student Activities

JI: Student Volunteers

JJ: Employment of Students

JJ-R: Employment of Students

JK: Solicitations

JL: Gifts

JL-R: Gifts

JM: Contests for Students

JN: Awards and Scholarships

JQ: Exceptional Students

JQA: Physically Handicapped Students

JQA-R: Physically Handicapped Students

JQE: Pregnant Students

JQE-R: Pregnant Students

JQF: Married Students

JQF-R: Married Students

JQH: Drop-Outs

JQH-R: Drop-Outs

JQI: Post-Secondary Students

JQKA: Foreign Exchange Students

JQKA-R: Foreign Exchange Students

JQL: Gifted Students

JR: Student Records

JRA: Types of Records

JRA-R: Types of Records

JRB: Release of Student Records

JRC: Disposition of Records

JRD: Hearing Request

JRD-R: Hearing Request

JS: Student Fees and Charges