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Employee Expense Reimbursements

Employees seeking reimbursement for out of pocket expenses have to submit their reimbursement request through the Expense Reimbursement application in Skyward. Supporting documentation must be attached to substantiate the reimbursement request. Appropriate documentation includes receipts to support the purchases made and completely filled out district forms and spreadsheets necessary depending on the type of reimbursement. Below are instructional documents for how to submit various reimbursement requests and a tutorial from Skyward.
Any questions can be directed to Dale Nuckolls at

Meal Reimbursement for Overnight Travel

Mileage Reimbursements

Other Reimbursements

Teacher Supplies Reimbursements

The link below is a Skyward tutorial that works through the Expense Reimbursement submission process. This tutorial may not be specific to your reimbursement, but it helps walk through the submission process.
Reimbursement Request Tutorial