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Continuous Education

What is it?
- All USD 402 staff and educators in other districts will have the opportunity to read a book that the district selects. 
- Together, they will interact and discuss different topics throughout the book.
- Once the book has been read and all coursework is completed, each participant will have the option to pay for college credit or receive PDC points.
- USD 402 has partnered with Wichita State University for the college credit.

USD 402/Interlocal Employees

- No Workshop Fee
- $65 for WSU Credit or 45 PDC Points

Non-District Employees

- $40 Workshop Fee
- $65 for WSU Credit or 45 PDC Points (Per District Approval)

How it Works

A flyer will be shared with information about the upcoming book study opportunities. Participants wishing to register will sign up via a Google Form. Each participant is responsible for purchasing their own copy of the book for the course. Once the book study is completed, it is the participant’s responsibility to pursue professional development/continuing education points with their district of employment. Participants wishing to receive WSU college credit  must complete the required paperwork and pay for the cost of the college credit.

Contact: Dr. Janet Doud (



Fall 2022 Book Study:

Emotional Poverty in All Demographics addresses anger, anxiety, and violence in the classroom with strategies and best practices that work in classrooms. Under-resourced students, wealthy students, and students in all demographics can benefit from calming and healing techniques Ruby Payne, author of A Framework for Understanding Poverty, shares in this book.

  • Provides understandings of origins of anger, anxiety, and avoidance

  • Gives a language to talk about brain regulation, integration, and emotional competence

  • Provides tools for educators to address and reduce anger, anxiety, and avoidance

  • Helps educators manage the “classroom dance” that occurs between the educator and the students

  • Provides the tools to motivate good behavior

  • Identifies the differences in male and female emotional processing



Spring 2023 Book Study:

The Wild Card is your step-by-step guide to experiencing a creative breakthrough in your classroom with your students. Even if you’ve never painted a portrait or written a poem, you can create unforgettable lessons that help your learners retain content.In this book, Wade and Hope King show you how to draw on your authentic self—your past experiences, personality quirks, interests, hobbies, and strengths—to deliver your content creatively. The seven steps in The Wild Card will give you the knowledge and the confidence to bring creative teaching strategies into your classroom. You’ll learn... Why the deck is not stacked against you, no matter what kind of hand you’ve been dealt, why you should never listen to the Joker, how to identify the “Ace up your sleeve” and use it to create classroom magic, how to apply the “Rules of Rigor” in order to fuse creativity with learning, and how to become the Wild Card that changes the game for your students.


Payment Information:

If you are a non-USD 402 employee, click on the RevTrak button below and the Workshop Fee will be in the Continuous Education.