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Robinson Community Wellness & Resource Center

Augusta has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to establish all-ages recreation in our community. The primary hurdle that many communities struggle with, building a facility, is actually one of Augusta's strongest assets.   The Robinson Community Wellness and Resource Center has already been paid for by taxpayers and the building can now offer new opportunities to Augustans of ALL Ages! Is now the time for All-Ages Recreation? One could argue that there has never been, nor will there ever be, a better time to establish a recreation commission in the Augusta community.   For the first time, the community now has a well-maintained facility available to expand offerings in the community. Not only is the building already paid for by taxpayers, but it can also provide immediate use without the need for costly renovations. Image of the items of recreation could be possible if a recreation commission is established.Rather than searching through google, multiple Facebook pages, or multiple websites, community members would have a centralized location to contact for all-ages recreation offerings in Augusta. Robinson is currently the home of the Augusta Caring Center, the ESSDACK Adult Diploma Completion center, and the YMCA gymnastics and daycare. In addition, Bright Futures Augusta meets in the community conference area, and the community garden is interested in transitioning to the site.   In a short time, the site has proven its potential to act as a community hub for a variety of resources. Image of different town with rec centers. What is the difference between a Recreation Commission and a Recreation Department. How Would a recreation commission be funded?Rec commissions are funded by tax dollars. Currently, USD 402 has an opportunity to reduce 1  mill in the bond & interest fund to offset an increase to establish a recreation commission. This is possible due to the district's past efforts to escalate bond payments- paying off bonds at a much quicker rate.  It is important to know that if the school district were to drop a mill, there would be no impact on the ability to maintain instruction, facilities, or provide wages to staff. A mill decrease will not impact these funding sources. How does a Mill levy impact me? The average home value in Augusta is $175,000. The average impact would be $17.25 for the taxpayers.Will a recreation commission ever need additional revenue?As a recreation commission grows it continues to expand the services and benefits offered to the community. This could result in an increase in the mill levy over time. The average mill rate for well-established recreation commissions in our region is between 4-5 mills. What if a little League organization wants to remain independent? Recreation commissions do not duplicate services. If a community league would like to partner with the recreation commission, they are welcome to do so. Sports such as soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, and flag football are often offered by recreation commissions.    It's important to note that there are some activities that are not typically found in community recreation offerings. While flag football is very popular at the recreation level, tackle football is generally not a recreation department offering. Little league wrestling is also not typically offered through a recreation commission. Augusta is fortunate to already have strong tackle football and wrestling programs. These programs would remain independent. Ballot Language